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I specialize in shooting interviews, locational (b-roll) and "day-in-the life" video. Between staying up-to-date on the latest gear, knowing how to light a subject and creating a comfortable on-set atmosphere and having a unique eye for B-Roll, I deliver high-quality content in exchange for dollar bills.


I've been editing with the Adobe Creative Suite since 2001 so I know how to get footage cut quickly...but also spend the necessary time in the details (where the devil resides). IN the editing room, timing is everything so I know how to set the correct pace & cadence to the right transitions, color correcting and sound design to properly finish a project.


I grew up in a musical family on both sides (and supposedly my great, great grandfather was Vagner, but I don't like his body of work much...oh, well); have played and toured in bands; composed since I was 15...but now I get the most satisfaction composing and recording music/voice-over and finding the best background sounds and sound effects for video.